What is this Disposable Vape craze all about?

If you were wondering what a disposable vape is and why it is currently very popular in the South African Market, then www.invape.co.za has the answers for you.

Why vaping?

Vaping is considered 95% safer than smoking and is a very successful smoking cessation tool. We at invape helped many people successfully quit smoking by switching to vaping products. There are different devices for different styles of vaping, and it can seem like an intimidating thing when you start looking for a vape device to help you quit your smoking habit, purely because you don’t understand the terminology and because there are so many different devices to choose from. You tend to find yourself in a place where you have no idea which one will be the best for your specific need.

Luckily here at invape we offer advice on individual needs and usually advise people who want to quit smoking to start with an easy-to-use inexpensive pod system that can be recharged, is refillable and where the pod and/or coil can be replaced, accompanied by high nicotine vape juice. Even this easy-to-use pod kit can seem overwhelming to first time users. Once you understand what a pod, coil, and nicotine content of vape juice is, things start to make much more sense and we are always here to clear up any uncertainties that might occur during your search for the perfect vape.


What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape is a “no-nonsense” vaping device with a minimalistic or basic design that eliminates refilling the pod, recharging or replacing the coil. It is intended to be used until the vape juice is finished, or until the battery dies (whichever comes first). The whole device will then be disposed of.

Disposable vapes come in different sizes, forms, colours and almost any flavour you can think of. They are usually labelled by the number of puffs you can get out of it and this ranges from 400 – 5000 puffs and is manufactured by a large variety of companies.

There are no guarantees on these mass manufactured devices and you might find yourself unlucky, one time or the other by purchasing a disposable vape that is supposed to last you 800 puffs, but ends up lasting only for the first couple of puffs before the battery dies.

They usually contain 20mg nicotine (2%) or 50mg nicotine (5%). Most disposable devices can’t be recharged or refilled but there are a few disposable devices on the market that can be recharged. These devices have a high puff count, like for instance 4000 puffs, and in other words a bigger pod with more vape juice in it, which means the battery will run out of power before the user would be able to finish the amount of juice in the pod. Therefor the manufacturer had to make provision for the device to be recharged. This device is still considered as a disposable vape as it can’t be refilled, so it will be disposed of when the vape juice is finished.


How many puffs of a vape amounts to how many cigarettes?

You can purchase a disposable vape with about 800 puffs for R95 and will contain about 2ml – 3.5ml of vape juice. The first question people who want to quit smoking will ask is how many puffs equals to how many cigarettes? Vaping is a completely different thing than smoking. The way in which nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream is different when vaping than with smoking. It is very difficult to find the perfect formula to use when calculating the exact number of puffs needed to match a cigarette. There are many variables to consider, and it is very much like comparing apples with oranges. Let’s base our calculations on a standard 800 puff 50mg disposable vape device. We looked at various formulas attempting to do the comparison and we found the following formula to be the closest to our personal findings.

  • 1 x Cigarette is roughly equal to 10 - 16 puffs of vape juice depending on how big your puffs are, what kind of device you are using and how much mg nicotine is in your vape juice. There are many more variables to consider, but we decided to use 14 puffs as the average for the purpose of this calculation.
  • 14 puffs of a vape is roughly equal to 2 drops of vape juice
  • There are about 20 drops in 1ml of vape juice
  • So 1ml of vape juice will give you roughly 140 puffs (some say 100 puffs) that will equal to about 10 cigarettes. This will mean that approximately 2ml of vape juice (or an estimated 280 puffs) should then roughly be equal to one pack of cigarettes.


The environmental impact of disposable vapes

There are currently big concerns raised regarding the impact of disposable vapes on the environment. Vaping is a safer option than smoking combustible tobacco products because they don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide (to name only 2 examples) but is it healthier to the environment than cigarette buds? A cigarette bud takes anything from 18 months to 10 years to decompose because most of them are made of a type of very slow degrading plastic called cellulose acetate. Looking at the number of cigarettes smoked globally this paints a very grim picture for mother earth.

Disposable vapes on the other hand consists of three types of waste; Toxic waste (due to the nicotine juice used in them), electronic waste (consisting of the electronic materials like computer chips, wires and lithium-ion batteries) and plastic waste. All these components are not biodegradable, expensive and difficult to recycle and toxic and hazardous to the environment, but you can argue that many other products (related or not) on the market are equally bad for the environment.

Although more and more people are moving towards a more sustainable and green way of living, the general feel is that people are still more in favour of convenience than they are for green living. This observation is purely based on the amount of disposable vapes and other plastic and electronic products being sold globally. The age old saying of: “Each to his own” is something that you will hear time and again when touching on this subject. Luckily initiatives are being taken by a few disposable vape manufacturers who are recycling their own products. Customers are for instance given a free disposable vape for every 20 used disposable vapes they send back to be recycled. How many vapers will actually do the effort to take part in such an initiative is debatable, but invape can surely get behind a manufacturer like that!


Comparing normal pod devices and disposable vapes.

The fact remains that making use of disposable vapes is very convenient and does not require the vaper (ex-smoker) to have any knowledge of how a vape works. They don’t need to worry about choosing the correct coil with the correct ohms for the % nicotine in the juice, and they also don’t need to buy a typical 30ml bottle of juice just to find out that they don’t like the flavour. A vaper can pick and choose from many flavours of disposable vapes (mostly fruity flavours containing different intensities of mint / ice), crack open the packaging and immediately start vaping, without any mess or fuss, which is very similar to the habit of smoking. Some customers who smoke and considered vaping as an alternative, said that vaping will not work for them because their smoking ritual when it comes to cigarettes is it having a beginning and an end, you light it, smoke it and kill it. The whole process is enjoyable to them. Well, now there is also a beginning and an end to vaping in the form of a disposable vape.

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